So you want to adopt a potbellied pig and you don’t know what to do first.
Please read through the following and then if you have any questions or want
to proceed with adopting, contact us at

Doesn’t matter if you live in a city or the country; live in a
house, apartment or condo.  You need to call your local zoning office or
code enforcement to find out if potbellied pigs are legal to have where you
live.  Get it in writing one way or the other.  If you rent, you
will need to check with your landlord and get permission in writing.

cost of adopting will vary, depending on where you live, who
you are adopting from and the age of the pet pig.  Usually, the adoption
fee starts at $50.00 and goes up from there.  Some are free if you
qualify as an approved home from some sanctuaries and rescue groups.

Are you willing to travel 2 to 3 hrs to pick one up or to pay
for transportation?  This can be an added cost.

For an inside/outside pig, do you have the proper fencing (like
a fenced backyard) to give him a secure place to be outside part of the day
and to go potty?  For an outside pig, do you have a pen with shelter set
up?  In very cold climates, pigs
need an insulted barn or shelter with lots of bedding in the winter. 
Also, a pool will be needed in the yard or pen for cooling off during the hot
months as they have no other way to cool down.

Have you located a veterinary that will see and treat the pig
should it become sick?  If not, we can help you locate one.  But
remember, it may entail driving for a couple hours to get to a good vet.

Does your whole family want the pig?  If not, the pig may
be in for a hard time and won’t be happy if mistreated by other family
members, no matter how much you love it.

Do you have small children and if so, are you willing to work on
integrating the pig into the family?  Like any animal with teeth, pigs
can and do bite.  Lots of people with children have pet pigs and are
willing to help you make the adjustment if needed.

Have you “pig” proofed your house as you would for a small
child?  With a potbellied pig, that is basically what you will have for
about 15 yrs.  Are you ready for a LONG TERM commitment?  Average
life span is between 9 and 14 years, with some living longer.

Have you researched and done your homework on what it entails to
live with a pet pig?  If not, go to the Internet and type in Potbellied Pig
and read from all the sites.  Lots of good information around on them and
the care they need.

Are you willing to join an email list where you can communicate
with other pig owners and get the help you need?

Are you open to a home visit from a pig owner to go over details
of owning?  Or can you supply us with a veterinary reference we can check

Do you understand the pig mentality and the pecking order and how
to correct problems as they arise?

If you have answered all these questions and still want to adopt, then please
contact us. We will gladly work with you to find just the pig for your family.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will answer any
questions and give you tips as needed.

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