A preventive maintenance regimen can be achieved by using a pour-on topical, an oral, or an injectable preparation designed to kill both internal and external parasites. Pour-Ons work best on pigs with a fairly heavy hair coatsince the medication needs the hair shaft to penetrate in the body.
Frequent close examination of the pig’s skin and ears should inform you
of the presence or absence of mange. If no signs of mange are evident,
periodic treatment according to your veterinarian’s recommendations, can
keep your pig mange free.

Spring and fall seem to be the two most common times of year when mange mites are prevalent.

However, depending on climate and immediate environment, infestation can occur any time of the year. I have found the following protocols to be
effective. Ivomec Pour-On for Cattle and Ivomec Injection for Cattle and
Swine are ivermectin-based drugs. Ivomec is the Merial Ltd. registered
trademark for ivermectin.

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