Below we are proud to show pigs that have
been adopted. If you have adopted a
rescue this past year or have a picture of one that has been adopted, please
feel free to e-mail it to us at
so that we can post it for all to see and to rejoice that another piggie has
found a good home.

Remember that there are lots of abandoned
and orphaned pigs still needing homes, so we must push forward to see that new
homes are found. Remember, they don’t have to have been adopted from PAPA, just
adopted and not bought from a breeder. We know that not everyone needs or wants
a potbellied pig, so when any of us finds a good home for one, we need to share
in the joy.

This adorable
piglet (top pic) was a litter runt who had to be taken away from mom
because mom was so sick. He’s been raised indoors since he was one week old. 
He’s very sweet, and loves belly rubs!  The bottom picture is a
little female who was thrown over the fence of a sanctuary.  She
bonded with the little male piglet, and the decision was made to adopt
these two as a pair, since they’ve become so attached to one another.

happy to announce that both of these babies were recently adopted by Dana
in Indiana!


This is Blossom. 
She was recently adopted by a nice family in southern Florida.  She
spends her days in the company of several friendly ducks and geese, lazing
about in the shade!  What a life!


This is Althea, Spike and
Buttercup.  They were recently adopted by a nice family in southern Florida.  


This is Salami.  He
was recently adopted by Mike and Leigh in Chatsworth, GA.  


This is Chyna (in the
center).  She ended up at a sanctuary with several babies. 
Chyna was recently spayed and was adopted by Tracy in Talahassee,
FL.  Another happy ending!  


This is Charlie. 
She was adopted by Dianne and her family in Napoleon, Ohio.  A recent
letter from Dianne is below:

“Hi Lana. Just wanted you to
know my Charlie is doing great. I will send you a picture. She is very
spoiled now . Terry is bringing her something home everytime he comes from
work. She loves her baths, at first she didn’t.  She seems to have
turned into Terry’s little girl. She heads for the door everytime he comes
home. She has her own room now and loves it. She gives a kiss everytime
she gets a mint.  She is just a sweetie we love her very much so
don’t worry about her. She is doing great I just wanted you to know. Take
care Dianne”


This is Dean Martin and he was
found turned into animal control. He has been neutered and will be going
to his new forever home with Mary in East Central FL. He is about 5 yrs


This is Winnie, a little
female who was thrown over the fence of a sanctuary by some uncaring
person!  Luckily, Winnie sustained no major injuries during the
incident.  She is a real sweetie, and everyone who sees her just
falls in love with her.  Cathy from Ohio has adopted Winnie, and she
will be going to her new home very soon!


These three cuties
recently found good homes!!


There’s nothin’ cuter
than a pig playin’ in the dirt, don’t you agree?  This sweet girl,
Corbett’s Sherbet, recently found a great “forever” home with
Mary in East Central, FL, along with Dean Martin, who is listed above…


These adorable boys and
girl found
a good home with the Pippins in McDonough, GA.  They have a new,
beautiful pen with lots of shade, and some nice grasses and weeds to
nibble on.  You might say they’re in HOG HEAVEN!


This big girl was recently
adopted by Penny in Gainsville!


This cute boy was adopted
by Janet in Pennsylvania!


Here is the old
gentlemen pig, I picked up in Lake Mary/Sanford area.  He is a sweet
old pig.  I named him Eustis.  He is happy here, so he is going
to stay.  He is trying so hard to be liked it is really kind of sad
that he is fearful like my Wally that he will be dumped again.
He has his own quilt and none of the other pigs pick on him as he is
so big, skinny, but still big.  This is good so I don’t have to
worry about the piggies being mean to him.  Once he got his
quilt, he nestled right in and let out a great big sigh and went
right to sleep.  He checked out the yard, did his poops,
started to rain and he headed right in to his quilt.  Liked he had
lived here his all his life.  One of the pigs, Elmo came and
stared at him, but Eustis just ignored him and snuggled deeper into
his quilt and that was it.
He responds to his name already too.  Loves his peppermints and
tonight waited patiently while the “regular” pigs got there and sat
patiently on his quilt waiting for me to notice him.  I called out
and he immediately got up and walked over for his nightly treat
too.  Took it gently from my fingers, turned and walked to his
quilt, fluffed it up, laid down and crunched the peppermint then
closed his eyes to sleep.
It is uncanny, how at home he is here.  Out of all the pigs I have
rescued, none has ever displayed such behavior.  It is very
interesting to me.  — Nancy


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