There are a number of pigs ready to get adopted across the United States. Some of the people blame city/zone restrictions and others don’t have sufficient research done on them. Many people are not aware of the rules in their city. Most recently, there was an application submitted for the city of Virginia Beach to consider the changes in the outdated ordinances having forbidden laws for keeping the mini pigs to be kept within the city limits. There was petitioning done in the surrounding areas of this city and the city council was requested to approve the tiny pigs to be kept in the house.

The USA has many cities and towns prohibiting the pigs from living within the city limits. In such areas, the pigs are considered as farm animals and not allowed in the respective city/town zones. Pigs live in homes all over the country with many cities having the restructured outdating zoning ordinances. Pigs could be pets at home and the owners have to mention the relevant reasons to the authorities to allow them within the city limits. Like other pets, there is a community for teacup pigs as well on social media platforms and general life. Each pig parent has the chance to ask the queries to get the right advice from the people who are experts in these pigs. It could be pig breeders, veterinary doctors, legal advisors or any other category of people having interest in talking about the issues of pigs.

There are many pig owners all over the world and the US comes in the worldwide region consisting of thousands of pigs happily living with their parents within the city zone. There are many cities/towns having ordinances for the city people for not to keep the pigs at home. Teacup pigs are certainly not livestock animals (raised for profit). These are a cleaner substitute for the dogs or cats to be kept at home as pets. The pet pigs are not as huge as the full-sized farm pigs and are not kept to make profits. These pigs are companions of their parents. You can’t describe them as livestock as they are not kept for growing and selling. The agricultural community has different standards described with regard to the animals.

The biggest example is that the pet food comes with taxes and livestock food is tax-free. This is a major point to be considered. The standards of agricultural/farm community are different. The size of potbellied pigs is huge in comparison to the micro pigs. Potbellied pigs are impossible to be kept and nurtured at home. Some people think that ‘mini-pigs’ is a deceiving term. The argument on the use of the term is quite prevalent in the cities/towns where the micro pigs are not allowed to be kept at home. There were ordinances placed before bringing the miniature pigs to the US. The towns having no ordinance with regard to the pigs have a generalized concept of these animals and there is a need to recheck the policies, so as to legally adopt the mini pig.

Pigs are pets too

Mini pigs are pets for many parents. They are not different than any other pet in your home. These pigs are very loving and come with a lot of love for their parents. Your decision for bringing them at home should be well-informed as it would be the case of bringing life to your home. Don’t forbid a pet that you are not familiar with as it could make you have the miserable condition. The allowance to plead the case and consideration of the amendment of ordinances is important to get the pig inside your city/town boundaries. The penalties are higher for the people who think about bringing the pigs home without thinking about the consequences.

Some facts about pigs

  • Pigs can be easily trained in the house and are the most lovable creatures.
  • They should be neutered/spayed to avoid any smell or unwanted aggressiveness in their behavior.
  • They are extremely intelligent creatures and become smart very soon. Their position is 4th on the list of smartest mammals on the earth.
  • Pig parents must get full education about them before bringing them home.
  • They need outdoor time and you must be aware that they need your attention when you’re at home. Ignored pigs become violent. It is essential to give some time to them or bring them in pair so that they get their company at home. Pigs are socially active animals.
  • The veterinary doctor should be allotted for every pig to keep them healthy and track their vaccination and body progress.
  • Pigs might be prey to some animals. Hence, if you are keeping them in the backyard or any open space, it is ideal to protect them with a fenced yard and protect them from the predators. Your pig is ultimately your own responsibility.
  • Many cities have compulsory vaccinations enlisted for the pets. There are vaccinations for pigs available and their vet would keep a track for the same. The pets need de-worming to keep healthy. There is no case of rabies in the pigs reported.
  • Pigs are prone to get obese and they get starved soon. Be mindful of this fact as you might make your pig huge if you don’t control their body. They will get into the category of ‘big pigs’ and cross the laws of your state of owning the small-sized pig. The restriction on the size of a pig by not giving them appropriate food consisting of the nutrients would cause an issue for their body. Hence, you need to give them proper pig food at a fixed time to avoid obesity issues in them. The pigs could be taken on a walk for getting rid of extra fat in the body.
  • Pigs don’t have fur on the body and they don’t stink. They have hair on the body and don’t sweat. The clear water sources should be made available for them to play or drink.
  • Micro pigs require their own space for rooting and play around. They need their personal bedding with a blanket to feel cozy. It is important to give them their personal space to keep them happy. It could be a corner of your house or apartment or a place in the backyard.
  • Training is mandatory for every pig. Your pig should interact with the general public in a well-behaved manner. You can give them food treat to pamper them and make them learn different things.

By abiding the basic rules of your state for keeping the pets, it would become easier for you to keep the teacup buddy at home. There are petitions made by owners in many states who are willing to bring the new family member home and considering the amendments in the outdated ordinance for allowing the teacup pigs to live within the city/county/town limits.